tourbyowner® Virtual Tour CD-ROM

Available NOW for Property ID: DEMO01.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! You can order a data CD-ROM for Property DEMO01 that contains all of this Virtual Tour's Still View images and descriptions to be shipped directly to you. Below is an example of what you will receive:

Included on the CD-ROM that we'll send you is a SLIDE VIEWER program (see photo left) that lets you move from image to image, either automatically or under button command control. The size of the SLIDE VIEWER and IMAGES are actaully 25% larger than shown here.

As each slide changes, the description below the image changes too.

The Agent's e-mail address and phone numbers are readily available in case you need more information.

The tourbyowner® Virtual Tour CD-ROM product sells for only $24.99, and this includes taxes and shipping in the continental U.S. Additional CD-ROM copies are only $4.99 each when placed with the original order.

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